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In order to find out what qualification suits you best, please read the information below;



PCN (Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing)

British/European Scheme based on BS EN ISO 9712


Personnel Certification Scheme:


This qualification belongs to the individual. It gives the individual the ability to change from company to company or contract to contract without having to be re-examined into a new company name.


Valid for 5 years


In order to become qualified following examination (minimum requirements to comply to BINDT e.g. 4 months practical experience for magnetic particle inspection) experience is required in each discipline you seek to attain, if no experience is held all you will receive is a results notice (this is not a qualification) This means you cannot sign off any reports until the practical experience has been gained, recorded and submitted to PCN for your certificate to be issued.


Examination is of considerably higher difficulty because the knowledge of the subject must be greater and more in-depth questions may be asked. (Although everything will still be covered in the course) also product technology is addressed in greater detail.


Valid for 5 years


ASNT or SNT (The American Society for Non-destructive Testing)

Based on SNT-TC-1A 2011 Written Practice document


Company Based Scheme:


Once completed, the certificate must go into a company name and they will retain the certificate regardless of how much experience the individual has attained, it is up to the company to provide the individual with the relevant experience, once the examination is completed and you meet the companies written practice experience requirements you will be qualified as a Level II technician


Once the examination is completed the individual can transfer the certificate into a different company’s name as long as it conforms to the companies written practice for that particular company without the completion of further examination which is necessary to change the certificate into the new companies name (Some companies will accept a certificate to be in a different companies name but inspection to be carried out on their behalf as long as this conforms to the companies written practice


Valid for 3 or 5 years dependant on the company written practice requirements


Examination questions are considered simpler as the individual may have no prior experience of that particular NDT method. Although the questions are considered simpler and some of the examination is open book it will still qualify the individual to level II inspector, which is why it is strongly recommended by Talon NDT regarding individuals with no prior experience in NDT.


All retests for both PCN and SNT cannot be attempted for a time period of 30 days or complete additional training